Annville, PA, USA

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"I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees."

Henry David Thoreau


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Urban Forestry

Community Care and Township Volunteer Programs

Josephson Nature Care, aside from performing specialized tree and land care, empowers volunteers to learn and make a tangible change in their community. As most municipalities are overspent and lacking a substantial budget for proper tree care, we help hand the necessary tools and knowledge to volunteers who care.

Education and

Experienced with STEM education practices

Tree Care

ISA Certified

Landscape Care

Design, Install, and Maintenance

Wood Utilization

Responsible and sustainable practices

What We Do

Aboriculture | Horticulture | Consulting: Private/Municipal

Josephson Nature Care

Services: Dormant Pruning - Tree Plantings - Landscape Design/Install - Excavating - Tree Removal - Stump Removal - Lawn Care - Year Round Property Maintenance

Consulting Services: Site Inventory/ Assessment - Wood Utilization - Stormwater Management - Educational Services

*ISA Certified



Annville, PA, USA

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